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We know Hot Isostatic Pressing—because it’s the only thing we do. Kittyhawk has spent decades delivering HIP solutions for some of the most reputable names in manufacturing.

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What is Hot Isostatic Pressing?

Hot Isostatic Pressing is a process in which components are subjected to the simultaneous application of heat and high pressure in an inert gas medium. The pressure is uniform in all directions or “isostatic” and can be used to remove defects in large metal parts. The process not only results in higher quality parts and improved mechanical properties, but also delivers results at greatly reduced costs compared to other solutions. 

The HIP production process is of unique benefit in the precision casting, powder metal, metal bonding and metal injection industries. Hot Isostatic Pressing improves the performance and yield of precision castings. It also consolidates powders of metal, ceramics, or carbides into fully dense, complex parts with net or near net shapes. Hot Isostatic Pressing is also used for diffusion bonding similar and dissimilar materials and for applying wear or corrosion resistant coatings to parts exposed to stringent operating conditions.

Hot Isostatic Pressing creates startling improvements in material mechanical properties, resulting in significant reduction of scrap losses, decreased rework and weld repair. Of high significance is the marked reduction in the statistical spread or scatter usually associated with material properties. The net result is improved reliability and efficiency of material utilization in components.

Hot Isostatic Press Schematic

Why utilize HIP?

The process results in higher quality components with improved mechanical properties at a competitive cost. Tooling is simple and inexpensive, scrap is dramatically reduced and machining is minimized. Rejuvenation of old parts is also possible. Additionally, because HIP is not size or shape dependent it can be used on a wide variety of materials, allowing for increased design flexibility.

What are the benefits of the HIP process?

  • Creates high-strength bonds.
  • Improves mechanical properties.
  • Improves fatigue life.
  • Removes internal porosity.
  • Improves the x-ray standard.
  • Improves property scatter.
  • Reduces rejection rate.
  • Reduces scrap losses.
  • Improves machine surface quality.
  • Reduces machining and weld repair.

What materials does Kittyhawk HIP?

Our team focuses on metal. We regularly work with aluminum, copper, powder, steel, superalloy, and titanium.

Which manufacturing processes benefit from HIP?

Industry leading organizations involved in additive, casting, metal injection mold, near net shape, and sputtering manufacturing rely on Hot Isostatic Pressing by Kittyhawk to deliver premium components.

How long is the turnaround time?

We offer the fastest turnaround time in the Hot Isostatic Pressing industry averaging less than 5 days.

How is pricing established?

Pricing is based on size, weight material and which cycle parts need to process. Combining or “piggybacking” your part with other customers that process at the same cycle will produce significant cost savings.  Full load pricing is also available.

Why choose Kittyhawk?

  • Fastest Turnaround Time in The Industry
  • Proven Quality Management System
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Multiple HIP Units and Locations
  • Best Reputation Within the Industry
  • 40 Years in the Business

What is your Quality Policy?

Kittyhawk strives to provide Hot isostatic pressing services to a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes, helping to resolve their specific manufacturing challenges by providing excellent and economical services with a quick and efficient turnaround of parts run to exact specifications. Kittyhawk is committed to the continual improvement of our quality management system and aims to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and all other applicable requirements.

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