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As a leading pioneer in Hot Isostatic Pressing services—the Kittyhawk team is pleased to announce our attendance at the upcoming HIP’22 conference in Columbus, Ohio. Dedicated solely to HIP science and technology, the International Conference on Hot Isostatic Pressing features a range of professional presenters who are experts in the materials and manufacturing industry.

Why HIP? We know Hot Isostatic Pressing—because it’s our specialty. Kittyhawk has spent decades delivering HIP solutions for some of the most reputable names in manufacturing. As new technologies and manufacturing methods advance the demand for Hot Isostatic Pressing we will continue to collaborate with industry leaders to develop the best services possible and meet the growing needs of our valued customers.

Hot Isostatic Pressing is a process in which components are subjected to the simultaneous application of heat and high pressure in an inert gas medium. The pressure is uniform in all directions or “isostatic” and can be used to remove defects in metal parts. 

The process results in higher quality components with improved mechanical properties at a competitive cost. Tooling is simple and inexpensive, scrap is dramatically reduced and machining is minimized. Additionally, because Hot Isostatic Pressing is not size or shape dependent it can be used on a wide variety of components, allowing for increased design flexibility.

The International HIP Committee promotes and encourages the international advancement of Hot Isostatic Pressing science and technology. Join us during the HIP’22 event to learn more about Kittyhawk and our services.

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About Kittyhawk

Family owned and operated in the United States—Kittyhawk, Inc. was founded in 1981 to provide premium Hot Isostatic Pressing services to a growing number of critical industries. The Kittyhawk team serves organizations from the aerospace, defense, automotive, oil & gas, firearms, medical, commercial industries and more with quick and efficient turnaround of parts run to exact specifications. In addition to AS9100 and NADCAP quality standards, we adhere to the import and export compliance regulations for ITAR and EAR classifications and hold a CLASS 07 FFL. Visit to learn more.