Materials to be HIPed

Aluminum, Titanium, Steel, Superalloy, Brass, Copper, Plastics, Ceramics, and Ductile Iron


Before HIP

  • Aluminum Alloy X-Ray Magnification (50X)
  • Showing Micro-Porosity within a casting


After HIP

  • Aluminum Alloy X-Ray Magnification (100X)
  • Elimination of Micro-Porosity through HIP

HIPing these materials will dramatically remove internal prosity

  • Improve the x-ray standard – HIPing will upgrade your casting (ie Type C becomes Type B)
  • Remove internal porosity – collapses internal voids and bonds clean surfaces together
  • Improve property scatter – marked reduction in the statistical spread or scatter, results in improved efficiency of the material utilization
  • Improve mechanical properties – higher strength, higher toughness, longer fatigue, and corrosion resistance, and a longer creep life
  • Reduce, eliminate or recover scrap losses – save the time and cost of remaking your parts
  • Improve machined surface quality – tighter and more uniform grain structure
  • Improve fatigue life (two to twelve times over non-HIPed parts) – improving tensile and mechanical properties increases fatigue life
  • Create high strength bonds – diffusion bonds are equal to substrate material