Hot Isostatic Pressing

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) involves the application of high pressure and temperatures through the medium of a pressurizing gas, such as Argon or Nitrogen, to remove internal porosity and voids, thus increasing density and upgrading properties.

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HIPing is one of the answers to solving your precision and complex casting and manufacturing needs. HIP is a production process of unique benefit in the precision casting, powder metal, metal bonding and ceramics industries. HIP “heals” defects in castings by creep mechanisms and/or compressive plastic deformation, giving wrought properties to processed parts. The clean surfaces of the voids are bonded together by diffusion. HIP improves the performance and yield of precision castings. HIP consolidates powders of metals, ceramics, or carbides into fully dense, complex parts with net or near net shapes and into very high quality forging billets. HIP is also used for diffusion bonding similar and dissimilar materials and for applying wear or corrosion resistant coatings to parts exposed to stringent operating conditions.

The process is quite simple. The parts or components are placed in a pressure furnace with inert gas and heated to high temperatures. Using hot isostatic pressure, the material is changed, in simpler terms, to a “plastic state” which collapses the voids. The clean surfaces of the voids bond together making the components or parts stronger. In most cases, voids that were collapsed do not change or alter the shape of the parts or components.

Hot Isostatic Pressing is a well established process for the improvement of a wide variety of materials such as titanium, steel, aluminum and superalloys. By consistently improving materials’ mechanical properties, and by narrowing the scatter band of properties, HIP enables designers to utilize a very high proportion of physical strength of material. This translates into higher reliability and longer service life, smaller, lighter-weight parts, or both. HIP can also reduce rejection rates and/or scrap losses, minimizing or eliminating machining costs, and consuming less energy. HIP can reduce the total production costs of a product.

At KITTYHAWK PRODUCTS, we continually review, refine, update, and improve our production techniques. Our modern, exacting equipment assures technical quality. Kittyhawk Products’ industry recognized, technical experts are available for consultation; especially for research and development purposes. We offer free HIPing services for test parts. It is the dedication of our skilled craftsmen and quality oriented personnel who insure the integrity of our services.